Life Skills Therapy

When struggling with active addiction, people tend to focus solely on the act of using. Their most major concerns likely include when and where they will obtain their substance of choice and how they will consume it. Since the high that is produced by any drug fades within a relatively short period of time, the cycle of obtaining and using quickly repeats itself, leaving little time left for anything else, even the simplest of things.

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    When participating in an addiction treatment program, however, these individuals can not only stop their active addiction but also learn how to develop and/or strengthen their basic life skills. It is not uncommon for recovering users to have forgotten or never learned how to manage the many components of everyday adult life, which is why our life skills addiction therapy in Knoxville, Tennessee is a beneficial form of care. Through this type of therapy, people will begin learning the basic components that go into developing successful personal, professional, and social lives.

    Benefits of Our Life Skills Therapy Program

    A large portion of addiction treatment is rooted in one’s participation in multiple different therapies. From individual therapy and group therapy to family therapy and behavioral therapy, clients at a treatment program are constantly working on themselves in ways that will better their recovery. One of the therapies that are often provided to clients while in rehab is life skills therapy. As mentioned before, this form of therapy is designed to help those who are rebuilding their lives post-addiction by adopting basic, effective skills that will help them succeed long after leaving treatment.

    Personal Skills

    Little success in recovery can be had without developing a strong base for oneself. While in treatment, an individual will learn several different skills that he or she can put into motion both during his or her stay and after he or she leaves.

    At the top of the list is healthy diet and exercise. Many people who have been abusing drugs and/or alcohol extensively have developed habits such as eating poorly and hardly exercising, if at all. Studies show that when eating healthy and exercising regularly, people can benefit from not only being physically fit, but also from the feelings of reward and contentment that can come from it. Eating well can help the body to function as best as possible while exercising can help fight back against common co-occurring conditions such as anxiety and depression.

    Our life skills addiction therapy in Knoxville also works to help clients learn how to clean their environments properly so that they can benefit from a clutter-free, sanitary space to reside. Many recovering users have never been taught how to clean, while others struggle with a lack of desire to do so. However, as simple as is might sound, cleanliness promotes less mental clouding and more effective thought processes, which is imperative in someone’s continued addiction treatment.

    Professional Skills

    Countless clients have found that they never got into the workforce due to starting substance abuse early in life, had a career but lost it to substance abuse, or had difficulties maintaining employment due to behavioral problems. Life skills addiction therapy provides several services for these individuals so that they can leave treatment ready to work.

    For example, life skills therapy can show clients how to properly write resumes and speak on their experience in specific fields. Those who have never had a job before can learn how to write professional cover letters to help potential employers understand why they would be a good fit for the job. In coordination with these skills, our life skills addiction therapy in Knoxville also works with clients to help them practice for job-related interviews so that when they are given a call back for a job, they can be prepared in knowing what to say.

    Those who are going back to their previously held jobs prior to treatment can also benefit from life skills therapy. Depending on the severity of the individual’s addiction and how it affected his or her job, transitioning back to work can be difficult. Figuring out how to make amends while remaining professional is key, as is developing a plan as to how to handle questions and inquiries from co-workers regarding your leave.

    Social Skills

    When under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, individuals are unpredictable in their behaviors. Typically, they tend to appear out of control, unaware of the things they say, or seemingly careless about how what they do impacts others. Upon getting sober, several of these individuals are unsure of how to break out of these social behaviors, which is why life skills addiction therapy is helpful.

    In conjunction with therapists and other clients, individuals will work to develop improved communication skills, an understanding of acceptable social skills, and new ways to resolve conflict without making the situation worse. Additionally, clients will spend time learning about emotional regulation so that they can function effectively in the presence of others regardless of what emotions he or she might be experiencing.

    Life skills therapy places all of its focus on helping clients reestablish themselves by focusing on the basics. An exceptional amount of success can come from doing simple things such as making healthy meal choices, exercising, keeping the home clean, and finding ways to enjoy the presence of co-workers and friends.

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    There is no shame in having a substance use disorder. The best thing that you can do if you are struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol is to reach out for help today.

    So much goes into addiction treatment and recovery, affording you the opportunity to truly improve upon the many areas of your life that the disease of addiction has touched.

    Do not wait any longer. If you are ready to make a change, ask for help right now. Continuing to abuse drugs and/or alcohol will only lead you on a road with a dead end.

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