Family Therapy

Millions of people in the United States are addicted to alcohol and drugs such as opioids, cocaine, and tranquilizers. Rates of opioid abuse, in particular, have skyrocketed, making it the most commonly abused substance outside of alcohol. In fact, more than 100 people die per day from an opioid-related overdose.

Treatment for the Whole Family

    The disease of addiction does not discriminate. It can occur just as easily in a billionaire CEO as it can in someone who is making minimum wage. It can happen to someone who has never experienced any major trauma in his or her life and it can happen to someone whose entire life has been filled with trauma. Addiction is a direct reflection of a combination of biological, environmental, and genetic factors. As a result, it is common to see addiction in families.

    Because of the complexities of addiction, being connected to someone who is struggling with this disease can be extremely challenging. In fact, countless individuals have cut ties with their closest family members and friends because of the severity of their addiction. However, when someone with a substance use disorder begins a treatment program, his or her family can also start their recoveries.

    How Does Addiction Impact Families?

    When a loved one is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, those around him or her can suffer just as much as he or she does. With substance use disorder comes physical, psychological, and emotional turmoil for everyone involved, including the family. Some of the ways in which addiction impacts families the most include the following:

    Breakdown of relationships

    For families, watching a loved one go deeper into his or her addiction can be like watching him or her disappear before their very eyes. Even though their loved one is still around, who he or she was before the addiction developed can vanish. This can be the most painful for loved ones to witness, and it can also be traumatic depending on the relationship (e.g. a child watching his or her mother go through this process).


    From the sidelines, anyone can say that they would never enable a loved one to keep abusing drugs and/or alcohol. However, when in the situation, it is much easier to do than most think. Loved ones of a user might do things such as give him or her money so that he or she does not need to prostitute themselves to get cash for drugs. They might also do things such as provide housing, clothing, food, and other essentials just so they do not see the user end up on the streets or worse. Being in this role, whether by choice or not, can be extremely overwhelming to the point where individuals struggle to maintain their physical and mental health.


    The disease of addiction isolates both users and their family members from the outside world. While users isolate in an attempt to continue their use without anyone stopping or judging them, family members isolate from people, places, and things. This isolation can develop for a number of reasons, such as fear of being judged by friends, inability to protect the user if others get too close, or simply because individuals are too overwhelmed to do anything but the bare minimum.

    Addiction impacts families in hundreds of different ways, including in the ways listed above. The best way to put an end to these negative effects is to seek professional treatment for everyone involved.

    How Does Our Family Addiction Therapy in Knoxville Work?

    Family addiction therapy is usually conducted as a part of an individual’s treatment plan. The person who is receiving addiction treatment can include his or her loved ones into his or her recovery as a means of helping to address the many issues that developed due to the addiction.

    A family therapy session will depend on the individual’s family set up. For example, if his or her family is local, they can meet with a therapist either in a treatment center or outside to begin sessions in person. Some family therapy sessions occur over the phone or through video chat because individuals are at treatment centers in other cities or states from their families. However, when our family addiction therapy in Knoxville is conducted, all participants stand to gain an exceptional deal of knowledge and assistance.

    Our family addiction therapy in Knoxville, Tennessee is led by trained and certified therapists. When the family comes together, it is to be expected that the individual has already provided a family background to the therapist, which can be added to by other family members once everyone is working together. That background information will work to shape what is discussed in each session. In general, family therapy will address issues such as resentments, emotions, and communication issues. Everyone involved will be given the ability to share their vantage point and experiences throughout the entire duration of therapy sessions.

    Participating in family therapy can be viewed as both overwhelming and relieving. Some might be overwhelmed that even more of their time and effort is going towards a loved one’s addiction, while others welcome the process with open arms because it provides them with the opportunity to start to heal. However, once involved, everyone who is participating can start to address deep-seated issues, develop strong communication skills, establish appropriate levels of empathy for one another, and start building a new foundation that will encourage trust, honesty, and respect between everyone in the family unit.

    Get Professional Help Through Our Family Addiction Therapy Program in Knoxville

    If you are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, do not let one more day go by. The next drink or hit you take could be your last. Reaching out for professional help can get you back on the right track.

    If you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction, do not be afraid to ask for help for yourself. There is nothing selfish about wanting to improve upon your wellbeing during this difficult time. If you are able to participate in a family addiction therapy in Knoxville, Tennessee with your addicted loved one, give it a chance. The only way to move forward is learning how to do so without fighting through constant barriers.

    Do not wait. Whether you are addicted or a loved one of someone who is, call us right now.