Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Our Knoxville, Tennessee intensive outpatient program is a structured program that offers both addiction treatment and mental health services on a consistent basis. Each person who wants to recover from a substance use disorder has specific needs that are unique to them and requires care that is reflective of their relationship with drugs and/or alcohol.

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    Intensive outpatient programs are not as involved as inpatient programs but also not as fluid as traditional outpatient programs. Our intensive outpatient program in Knoxville, Tennessee is a middle-of-the-road fit for many people who are prepared to end their active addiction and begin a life of recovery.

    Some individuals begin their recovery in an IOP, while others utilize this program as a step-down from inpatient treatment. Intensive outpatient programs have proven to be beneficial in helping individuals stop using drugs and/or alcohol and improve their mental health in ways that support long-term recovery.

    Elements of Our Intensive Outpatient Program in Knoxville, TN

    Our Intensive outpatient program in Knoxville, TN is a comprehensive program that offers clients several different means of treatment so that they can end their substance use disorder for good. Unlike inpatient programs, an intensive outpatient program allows clients to go home after they have completed their daily sessions. Sessions last for the majority of the day, unlike traditional outpatient programs that only require clients to visit the facility for a few hours a couple of times a week. When beginning an IOP, an individual must be ready to commit the majority of his or her time to the program, as that is what an IOP requires out of each client. During that time, each client will benefit from the several different elements of an intensive outpatient program.


    The greatest aspect of our intensive outpatient program in Knoxville is that throughout one’s entire participation, he or she will be provided with constant support designed to help guide them towards success.

    Drug and Alcohol Monitoring

    When a client begins his or her treatment, he or she will immediately be monitored for drug and alcohol use during his or her involvement in the program. Intensive outpatient programs, like other treatment programs, have a no-tolerance policy regarding substance abuse on the property. The team at our intensive outpatient program in Knoxville will do what they can to help continually encourage clients to abstain from substance use when not in their care.

    Case Management

    Each client will receive his or her own case manager who can help keep their treatment on track for the duration of their participation. A case manager can take assessments, facilitate and coordinate care, help make plans for the client, and advocate for him or her. In other words, a case manager will serve as a point person for each client.

    Medication Management

    It is not uncommon for someone who has stopped abusing drugs and/or alcohol to require some type of medication. For example, several recovering users struggle with depression, anxiety, and/or other issues that require medication to help manage. Our IOP in Knoxville employs professionals who are able to help manage a client’s medications during the time he or she is working on his or her recovery.

    Crisis Management

    Just because clients are participating in an intensive outpatient program does not mean that they are exempt from experiencing a crisis pertaining to his or her condition. We have crisis management services available 24-hours a day so that those clients who are in immediate need of mental or physical help can receive it.

    These and other supports lay a foundation of stability that allows clients to trust their treatment providers in ways that push their recovery in the right direction.


    When supports are put into place, a client can begin to drastically improve in his or her treatment progress. And, when therapy is introduced and administered on a regular basis, clients can keep progressing in ways that allow them to live comfortably in recovery.

    Group Therapy

    Group therapy is often viewed as the baseline for therapy in intensive outpatient programs, specifically because the majority of one’s time spent in this program will be spent with others. Group therapy focuses on numerous relatable topics that promote conversation, sharing, positive exercises, and more. As clients continue to do work in their group therapy sessions, they might also start bonding with others who can support them and vice versa.

    Individual Therapy

    Working one-on-one with a therapist, a client can begin to unravel the psychological load that has contributed to the development and continuation of his or her substance use disorder. Clients will be given the opportunity to identify and address personal issues in a manner that helps sort them out effectively.

    Behavioral Therapy

    Behavioral therapies, such as cognitive behavior therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy, have proven to be extremely effective in treating substance use disorders, as they encourage clients to reevaluate their thoughts and behaviors. Either working in a group or individually, clients can learn how to modify negative thoughts and behaviors in an effort to support their recovery.

    Group, individual, and behavioral therapies are not the only therapies offered through our intensive outpatient program in Knoxville, Tennessee. Each client will be provided with a curriculum of therapies that are best suited for his or her needs.

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    When struggling with a substance use disorder, your entire life can feel completely out of control. You might not even know where to go or who to call if you decide that you want to stop using. You might not even be in a place where you think you can stop using without suffering serious repercussions. However, no matter where you are at in your substance use disorder, reaching out for help can be the answer that you need.

    Our intensive outpatient program in Knoxville, TN is one of the best options for addiction treatment. Not only will you be provided with an unshakeable support system, but you will be given the opportunity to heal from the inside out.

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