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JourneyPure Knoxville provides dual-diagnosis addiction treatment in an outpatient setting.

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Addiction Treatment in Knoxville, Tennessee

Upon leaving an addiction treatment facility, patients often feel a sense of isolation due to the loss of the therapeutic community they had during that time. Research shows that this is a scenario that can lead patients to relapse. We believe there is a more supportive way to return patients to daily living.

Prior to discharge, JourneyPure patients are assigned a personal recovery coach who develops an individualized recovery plan. That plan is then entered into our proprietary JourneyPure Coaching™ app so that patients have 24/7 access to recovery support.

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How JourneyPure Can Help You

As one of the premiere addiction treatment companies in the Southeast, JourneyPure maintains as its primary goal to help patients and their families get the substance use and mental health treatment they both need and deserve. We achieve this every day by providing evidence-based treatments that address not just the substance use issues and their symptoms, but the co-occurring mental health issues that have been driving the patient toward the abuse. Our treatment goes beyond just the usual cessation-centric “getting clean”—we impart to our patients the skills necessary to stay sober in the face of challenges that everyday life presents.

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Services Offered At JourneyPure Knoxville

  • Dual Diagnosis Therapy

    Dual diagnosis is a comprehensive therapeutic approach that uses a process known as an integrated intervention. Integrated intervention focuses on providing treatment for both conditions at the same time, as opposed to splitting them up and only managing one at a time. Any other approach to dual diagnosis treatment has not proven to be as effective.

    As with any other form of treatment, the level of one’s care will depend on his or her individual needs. For some, their dual diagnosis can be treated through outpatient means. Others require in-depth inpatient care to address both issues.

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  • Treatment for Women

    Addiction is a disease that impacts countless individuals regardless of their age, race, profession, or gender. However, women and men experience addiction in very different ways, even though they both have the same disease.
    In general, men often have higher rates of substance abuse than women, however, women tend to become dependent on drugs and/or alcohol much quicker than men do. Additionally, women are more likely to suffer from mental health conditions like depression or anxiety than men, both of which can contribute to the development of addiction. And, women are less likely to reach out for professional help due to the societal pressures that they face. Specifically, mothers who are struggling with addiction are extremely unlikely to seek help for their substance use disorders out of fear of not being able to continue to care for their children.

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  • Trauma-Informed Care

    Trauma is defined as “A deeply distressing or disturbing experience” or even more accurately in our field as “An emotional shock following a stressful event or a physical injury, which may be associated with physical shock and sometimes lead to long-term neurosis”. Overcoming trauma through Trauma Informed Care In Nashville Tennessee is a critical step in the recovery from substance abuse.

    60% of women and 50% of men will experience trauma in their lifetime. Someone who has suffered a significant traumatic event may suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a difficult, long-term for of trauma PTSD. While these definitions are very true, we also understand that trauma can look different to everyone, and may not occur in one instance or event. Simply put Trauma is an emotional response. At JourneyPure’s Trauma Informed Care In Nashville Tennessee, we recognize the nuances of trauma and understand that some trauma can be developed over time, after months and even years of abuse and/or distress. In all of these instances, the emotional stress exceeds one’s ability to cope, or process and deal with the emotions that are developed. Many of the signs and symptoms of trauma are similar to other psychiatric illnesses and mood disorders.

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Specialized Services for Women and High-Risk Pregnancies

Located on five private acres of rolling hills scenic views, featuring semi-private rooms and a small staff-to-patient ratio, our JourneyPure Knoxville Women’s Center provides highly specialized services in a residential treatment setting. Our clients are women who have experienced trauma or are facing high-risk pregnancies due to substance use.

Our team of highly-qualified medical and psychiatric professionals, working in partnership with the University of Tennessee Medical Center, are fully equipped to treat the mother while ensuring the safety of her unborn child. The Women’s Center is a safe, non-judgmental place to turn for compassionate, trauma-informed care.

According to the Tennessee Department of Health, Tennessee has seen a ten-fold rise in the incidence of babies born with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS), a condition where newborns experience withdrawal symptoms due to the mother’s drug use during pregnancy. The highest rate of NAS births has been seen in East Tennessee.

JourneyPure Knoxville Women’s Center opened in November 2017 to address this growing need for the treatment of high-risk pregnancies and to provide specialized treatment for women who have experienced trauma. The Center is a 16-bed facility providing a safe, secure place for women to begin their healing.

JourneyPure Outpatient Treatment

Specializing in treating individuals suffering from co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorder, we believe that many if not most people can be treated effectively and efficiently on a purely outpatient basis—provided that the outpatient care is superior. Our outpatient treatment centers reinforce our commitment to our patients’ long-term recovery by providing a full continuum of services supporting each patient’s individual needs.

Our outpatient treatment focuses on weekly group therapy and encompasses a range of paths to individual therapy. We provide trauma-informed care, experiential groups that aim to explore underlying emotional issues, and recovery-focused groups that build the skills needed for long-term recovery. We specialize in the treatment of mental health issues, provide opportunities for emotional processing, and directly address depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma in a transformative group setting.

JourneyPure Cedar Bluff is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) focusing on lasting success. Clients of JourneyPure Cedar Bluff work with a highly credentialed team of licensed medical professionals to craft a treatment plan that meets each of his or her personal needs.

At JourneyPure Cedar Bluff, we provide individual therapy, group counseling, and recovery coaching. Our team of licensed counselors helps each client better recognize and understand his or her addiction triggers and underlying mental health issues so that long-term management of the addiction and attendant mental health disorders is achieved.

With highly trained clinicians providing a range of support for lasting recovery, JourneyPure sets the standard in addiction treatment. This range of support includes the JourneyPure Coaching™ app, which provides free one-on-one relapse recovery support for one year. This proprietary app includes private, HIPAA-compliant real-time messaging between the patient and his or her therapy coach, as well as a daily recovery log, nutritional guidance, and collaborative care management with nearby healthcare providers.

At JourneyPure, we believe every person should be afforded a chance to recover, no matter what their circumstances. Our expert clinical staff provides patients with the coping skills necessary to live their recovery each day. We focus on the three pillars of health: sleep, nutrition, and exercise. We embrace the abstinence recovery model and build our program to equip you with the skills for lasting sobriety. Our treatment plan includes a strong educational curriculum based on the 12-Step Program, private counseling, and relapse prevention.

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