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Addiction is a disease that impacts countless individuals regardless of their age, race, profession, or gender. However, women and men experience addiction in very different ways, even though they both have the same disease.

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    In general, men often have higher rates of substance abuse than women, however, women tend to become dependent on drugs and/or alcohol much quicker than men do. Additionally, women are more likely to suffer from mental health conditions like depression or anxiety than men, both of which can contribute to the development of addiction. And, women are less likely to reach out for professional help due to the societal pressures that they face. Specifically, mothers who are struggling with addiction are extremely unlikely to seek help for their substance use disorders out of fear of not being able to continue to care for their children.

    While more women are seeking treatment for substance use disorders than ever before, there are still several different barriers that are standing in the way of women feeling comfortable enough to ask for help. However, being informed of just how beneficial our women’s only addiction treatment center in Knoxville, Tennessee can be can help those women consider making an effort to reach out for help.

    Risk Factors For Women

    As previously mentioned, women respond to substance abuse much differently than men. While this disease impacts both genders, women tend to develop substance use disorders due to different risk factors than those of men.

    For example, women experience unfortunately high rates of sexual assault and rape. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC), 1 in every 5 women will be raped in their lifetime. 91 percent of sexual assault victims are women, and one in three women will experience some form of sexual violence in their lives. With statistics such as these showing just how pervasive these issues are to women, there is no doubt that the trauma that develops because of these interactions is often what causes some women to turn to the use of drugs and/or alcohol to drown out the emotional pain they are suffering as a result.

    Women are also more likely to develop mental health illnesses than men are, as stated above. Not only are women experiencing higher rates of depression, anxiety, and PTSD than men, but they are also faced with gender-specific mental health conditions, such as postpartum depression. Also included in the types of mental illnesses that are primarily experienced by women include eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. Similar to how women start abusing drugs and/or alcohol after experiencing a traumatic sexual event, they might also partake in the same behaviors in an effort to minimize the intensity of their mental health symptoms.

    These are just two of the many different risk factors that women face in regards to substance use disorders. Thankfully, no matter what risk factors triggered the onset of a substance use disorder, women can get the specific help that they need in order to end their active addiction and enter into recovery.

    Benefits of Our Women’s Only Addiction Treatment  in Knoxville

    Our women’s only addiction treatment center in Knoxville is a highly popular form of addiction treatment for women looking to recover. One of the primary reasons behind this is because the experiences that have contributed to a woman’s substance use disorder can be uncomfortable to discuss in front of men, making it more complicated to effectively participate in therapy sessions and exercises. Women’s only treatment does not stray too far from most traditional forms of addiction treatment, meaning that women can expect to get the same level of care but with a more precise focus from providers.

    This specific form of treatment can be exceptionally beneficial for women as follows:

    • Promoting openness – No matter how hard a woman might try, it can be very hard to be completely open in the presence of men. This is natural, however, can serve as a roadblock to proper treatment. Women’s only addiction treatment allows women to start healing in the presence of other women who likely have experienced similar situations as they have.
    • Discussing sex – As mentioned before, a large portion of women have experienced some form of sexual abuse or experience struggles in their sex lives due to symptoms of existing mental health conditions. These types of issues are notable and should be discussed while in an individual therapy session. Being in a gender-specific program allows women the freedom to feel comfortable talking about this subject, allowing healing to begin.
    • Developing bonds – Women are highly empathetic people by nature, making it easy for most to bond with other women. However, when something as powerful as addiction stands in the way, bonding with anyone can be a challenge. When in women’s only addiction treatment, women can feel comfortable enough to accept and provide support amongst one another, allowing the bonds of sisterhood to help them progress in their recovery.

    Other factors, such as being less preoccupied with physical appearance and being able to share experiences more freely, also contribute to the benefits offered through our women’s only addiction treatment in Knoxville.

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    Have you been struggling with an addiction to one or more substances? If so, you might feel physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. You might even be in a state of mind that prevents you from thinking that you can stop your use. Or, you might have made attempts to stop using but were unsuccessful. However, no matter what stage you are at in your addiction, it is never too late to ask for professional help. Attending our women’s treatment in Knoxville, TN can help put you on a path of recovery that can encourage a happy, healthy life.

    Do not be afraid, ashamed, or worried about reaching out for help. Do not let your past stand in the way of you giving yourself another chance at life. Contact our women’s only addiction treatment center right now to find out how we can help you stop your active addiction and begin a life of recovery.