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When someone is addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, he or she is bound to experience several consequences in his or her life. For example, he or she might lose relationships, become isolated from others, grow increasingly irritable, and have constant conflicts with others. It is also possible that he or she is expelled from school, loses his or her job, experiences financial difficulties, and even becomes homeless.

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    Depending on one’s relationship with drugs and/or alcohol, these and other symptoms can occur within a short period of time. However, what many people do not take into consideration is how much addiction affects one’s spirit.

    Being addicted to drugs and/or alcohol only seems fulfilling when someone is high. However, any other time that he or she is not high, he or she likely struggles feeling content and happy. This is often due in part to the many effects that an individual’s substance use disorder has caused on his or her spirit. A user can struggle with feeling hopeless, useless, unworthy, and unneeded. Additionally, he or she can feel as though there is nothing left for him or her to live for.

    Thankfully, our holistic addiction treatment in Knoxville, Tennessee can help individuals who have lost their spirits to addiction. When combined with traditional addiction treatment such as therapy and medication, holistic treatment can help an individual to truly start healing.

    Different Types Of Our Knoxville Holistic Addiction Treatment

    When receiving addiction treatment in a residential or outpatient program, clients will have the opportunity to engage in holistic treatment. Holistic treatment works to help the client align his or her mind, body, and spirit through a number of different therapies and exercises. Most holistic treatments are evidence-based, meaning that they have proven to be effective in the treatment of substance use disorders. Many of these treatments are discussed below.


    Acupuncture is a medical practice where fine needles are inserted into different points in the body. This practice has been utilized for centuries and continues to be effective at releasing trapped energy that causes both physical and psychological pain. Clients receiving holistic addiction treatment in Knoxville can incorporate acupuncture into their treatment plans, especially if they are dealing with physical ailments.


    One of the core aspects of recovery is rebuilding the spirit. One of the best ways to do this is to participate in yoga. The art of yoga is not only helpful in keeping people physically healthy, but its main focus is on inspiring positive internal and emotional health. For example, through yoga comes meditation, which can decrease the presence of symptoms related to depression, anxiety, and other conditions. Yoga can also introduce clients to new ways of exercising and keeping physically healthy.

    Art Therapy

    Addiction is an extremely emotional disease where it can become nearly impossible for someone to express themselves in a healthy way. It is common to see clients who struggle to communicate with others, which is why a holistic treatment such as art therapy can be beneficial.

    Whether it is through painting, molding clay, or creating something, clients can get their juices flowing as they work on a piece of art, as doing so can relax both their minds and their bodies. Clients can utilize their art as a way to express how they are feeling inside and then share that feeling with a therapist or other recovering individuals. This practice helps to encourage a better understanding of emotions and how to express them in positive ways.

    Other treatments offered at our holistic addiction treatment in Knoxville include exercise, nutrition planning, massage therapy, and animal therapy.

    Benefits of Our Holistic Addiction Treatment in Knoxville, Tennessee

    When recovering from addiction, it takes a village of support. The more support a client has, the better. Luckily, holistic treatment is capable of providing continued support for clients who are ready to start healing from the inside out.

    For example, submerging oneself in a holistic approach can help an individual begin to understand the absolute need for balance within his or her life. Instead of putting all his or her effort into one just one part of themselves, it is important to spread out that effort so that he or she is not neglecting other needs that he or she has. Through holistic treatments, this behavior can be acquired and applied to everyday life, reducing levels of stress and frustration.

    Countless individuals who are recovering from substance use disorder struggle with physical pain. Regardless of whether or not the pain was pre-existing or developed in response to detoxing, individuals can learn how to apply natural resources to their pain instead of turning to addictive substances like alcohol or pills. Holistic addiction treatment in Knoxville, TN helps lay this groundwork by offering services such as acupuncture and yoga.

    Depending on the severity of a client’s substance use disorder, he or she might be experiencing significant physical and psychological effects due to his or her use. Managing these effects can be new to an individual, and without knowing how to properly handle them, he or she can develop negative tendencies. Every single holistic treatment can help to improve an individual’s general health, which is pivotal after having abused drugs and/or alcohol. The healthier that an individual is, the better that he or she will feel. Additionally, good health can promote productivity, compassion, and openness that can keep clients motivated to continue on the path of recovery.

    The greatest benefit of our holistic addiction treatment in Knoxville is that each client can walk away with one or more new techniques that can help keep his or her mind, body, and spirit healthy and thriving.

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    If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, do not allow your addiction to continue for one more day. The longer that you use, the more complex your condition becomes. By reaching out for help today, you can get the treatment you deserve.

    Holistic addiction treatment in Knoxville, Tennessee can open your eyes to a whole new way of living that supports your wellbeing and continual progress. So, do not let another day pass. Contact us right now.