Substance Abuse Treatment

In today’s world, substance abuse is a very real concern, as it impacts upwards of 20 million people throughout the United States alone. In fact, North America currently has the highest rates of substance abuse and makes up one out of every four drug-related deaths on a global scale. More than 100 people die each day from overdose in the U.S. and in 2016 alone, 64,070 people died from overdose.

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    With rates of substance abuse and deadly overdoses increasing on a regular basis, more and more people are seeking professional addiction treatment. The need for treatment has never been greater, as not only are Americans abusing drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana are record rates, but a record number of Americans are abusing opioids to the point where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has declared an opioid epidemic.

    Substance abuse is isolating, complex, and frightening for the user and those who love him or her. For many, the light at the end of the tunnel is never seen. However, those who are currently struggling with the disease of addiction have the opportunity to stop their use before irreversible consequences occur. For some, this opportunity begins by reaching out for help at a professional addiction treatment center.

    Levels of Substance Abuse Treatment in Knoxville, TN

    The disease of addiction is one that impacts people differently. The type of addiction treatment that someone will receive upon reaching out for help will be dependent on his or her substance use disorder and the severity of it. Other aspects will factor into this decision, such as if the individual requires detox services or if he or she is also dealing with one or more mental health conditions. Admissions counselors at the desired facility will help individuals determine which type of substance abuse treatment in Knoxville is best for them.

    Inpatient Treatment

    Also known as residential treatment, inpatient treatment is the most hands-on form of addiction treatment. When participating in an inpatient treatment program, individuals will be able to access a number of different levels of care, ranging from detox services and medication-assisted treatment to therapy and aftercare services. Inpatient treatment is usually best for those who have experience with the following:

    • Multiple relapses
    • Long-term substance abuse
    • One or more accompanying mental health conditions
    • Tolerance and dependency issues

    Inpatient treatment is a great option for someone struggling with substance abuse, as it offers around-the-clock, compassionate care that can help them go from active addiction to recovery. This form of treatment can last anywhere from 30-90 days.

    Intensive Outpatient

    Intensive outpatient treatment is ideal for someone who requires strong guidance in their care, but not as strong as what is offered through inpatient treatment. On average, those participating in intensive outpatient treatment spend about six weeks in this program where they will receive a number of different services, including medication management, therapy, case management, and more.

    When enrolled in intensive outpatient treatment, a client will spend the majority of his or her day at the facility. During that time, he or she will participate in individual and group therapy, as well as other therapies, deemed beneficial for their recovery. At the end of the day, clients are able to return back to their homes. This freedom is something that is not offered in inpatient treatment, however, has proven to be highly effective for those enrolled in an intensive outpatient program for substance abuse.

    Outpatient Treatment

    Outpatient treatment is one of the most popular forms of addiction treatment today, as it helps individuals address their substance use disorders in a manner that allows them to continue living their everyday lives. Outpatient treatment is best suited for those who do not have a severe substance use disorder, who do not require detox services, and who are able to balance their personal and professional lives with their therapy.

    During outpatient treatment, clients will go to the treatment center a few days per week for a couple of hours. During that time, clients will engage in therapy in both individual and group settings. Depending on the client and his or her needs, the time spent in outpatient treatment can range from a few weeks to months.

    Benefits of Our Knoxville Substance Abuse Treatment

    No matter where an individual is in his or her substance use disorder, countless benefits can be obtained by attending our substance abuse treatment in Knoxville, TN.

    Above all else, the cessation of drug and/or alcohol use is a benefit in itself. Continuing to abuse addictive substances only leads to further destruction to one’s physical and mental well-being, however, when active use is stopped, that destruction can be halted. In many cases, the damage caused by substance abuse can be reversed, allowing clients to start restoring themselves back to their original selves.

    When dealing with substance abuse, most users have a hard time coping with the big and little things that life throws their way. When getting addiction treatment, though, these individuals can begin learning coping skills that not only help them get through the ups and downs of life but also keep them from turning to the abuse of drugs and/or alcohol again.

    Quite possibly the most valuable benefit of our substance abuse treatment program in Knoxville is no longer being at risk for suffering a fatal overdose. Even the most reserved substance users are in jeopardy for losing their lives due to using too much or consuming a substance that is mixed with another more lethal substance. Stopping the active addiction and then applying coping skills, therapy, and support can help an individual maintain a lifetime of recovery.

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    If you are dealing with substance abuse know that you are not alone. You do not need to keep yourself trapped in a cycle of abuse that seems to never end. Reaching out and asking for help can change your life in ways that you might have never imagined.

    So, do not wait for one more second to ask for the help that you deserve. Contact our substance abuse treatment in Knoxville, Tennessee to get started on a brighter tomorrow.